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Corporate Child Care
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Help make sure everyone feels included Corporate Childcare makes sure it's not costing your employees out of pocket to participate

On-Site Care

    • Make sure that everyone can enjoy the party!
    • Have experienced caregivers on-site for up to 4 hours to run activities and play games so that both parents and kids can have a fun time

    $300-$600 depending on group

At Home Care

    • Running a grown-ups only event? No problem!
    • Having booked over 50,000 hours of in-home childcare - we're ready to help
    • Super-easy set-up - Company Discount Codes cover the cost of in-home babysitting
    • Parents select, interview and approve their own babysitters
$300 + cost of childcare

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  1. Holiday Party Registration Deadline

    November 12th

  2. Parent Codes Available

    November 13th

  3. Parents Begin Interviewing

    November 15th

  4. Party Season Starts

    November 20th

Purchase a Inclusive Corporate Benefit Plan within 3 months of using the service? We'll roll over $300 into your first month's Membership.

Custom Plans are also available

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Love the Service? Great!'s Inclusive Corporate Benefits help you support your employees at home - so that they can bring their best selves to work.

Our Corporate Plans lend a hand in a few different ways

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Even 4 hours of childcare a month gives parents some breathing room and a chance to take a break and reset. They may choose to run some errands - or they may enjoy a dinner out. Either way - the break pays off in dividends in mental health benefits.

On-site Childcare

Providing childcare for evening events, talks and company-wide activities allows them to be more inclusive and gives parents an opportunity to participate when they may not have been able to otherwise.

On-site PA Day coverage

There are 8+ PA days a year - and for each one, parents scramble to figure out who will watch the kids. Offering an on-site childcare option allows parents to bring their kids to work and not waste mental space on finding a solution.

On-Site Summer Camps

Co-ordinating summer childcare is a time-consuming and expensive proposition for all families. Lend a hand and carry a little bit of the financial load, while encouraging family bonding by hosting a one-week on-site summer camp! and its sister company Datenight Babysitting have been working in the childcare space for years.

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