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Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month

Whether you're looking to get together to play, learn or discuss - or even to learn on your own! - HELM Life is ready to support your conversations. Learn more about Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month with us!


Celebrate with your teams overseas or at home! Learn more about how Diwali is celebrated - with fun traditions and delicious food! Bring your teams together for an hour of fun! Flexible scheduling times available.

Virtual Holiday Parties

HELM Life runs fun, inclusive holiday parties loved by teams across North America and Europe! Virtual Escape Rooms accommodate groups of 6-200 participants and are great ways to help team make new connections, boost engagement and infuse a bit of laughter!

Are you a DEI, HR or ERG Professional looking for content support?

HELM Life works with experts across the US and Canada to translate their knowledge and expertise into high quality DEI programming and content. If you're interested in accessing this support, we would love to help.

HELM Life works with HR, DEI and ERG professionals to help their teams connect through virtual social and learning events.

Whether it's Hallowe'en or a Holiday Party, Black History Month or Pride - it's important to be able to bring your teams together to laugh, to learn, to reflect or discuss. Whatever the context - high performing teams need opportunities to stay connected.

Social Experiences

HELM Life Social Experiences are pure play. Our hosts wlecome your teams and help them to put their heads together in a Virtual Escape Room or a Gameshow and have some fun.

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Learning Tools

Events, MicroLearning Tools, Comms Tools and more - we know where you need support, and we're happy to lend a hand.

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Learning Experiences

We work with expert partners to develop Interactive Learning Experiences that help teams explore themes based on heritage months, dive into the history and reflect and learn from each other on Diversity & Inclusion topics.

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Things that people ask us:

HELM Life supports teams in both social and learning contexts?

We abolutely do. We work with experts to build out Diversity, Equity and Inclusion learning experiences that are both educational, but also fun. We want to support teams in learning about each other and in recognition of important events, but with team members leaving feeling like "Wow - that was interesting, I should learn some more about that", rather than feeling like "I'm glad that's done and over with". We're good hosts building innovative ways to help teams connect about issues big and small - but that doesn't mean that we're not fun.

What's the difference between a Social Event and a Learning Event?

HELM Life Social Events are built to bring teams together to play and solve puzzles. HELM Life Interactive Learning Events are built with expert partners like Tana Turner, Dr. Robert Diaz, Sacha Thompson and Dr R. Xach Williams - and include both research-based puzzles, as well as reflection questions. They're a great way to do some Diversity, Equity and Inclusion learning together, to listen to each other's experiences and to start important conversations.

How many people can participate?

We host events of all sizes - from 8 participants to over 200! Once the emcee welcomes everyone to the event, we head to breakout rooms in groups of 6-8 participants because we're all about building our experiences around conversations with a small group. Each breakout room is led by their own host - so we'll get you introduced and started if your team doesn't know each other.

Can I try a Demo?

You absolutely can! Demos last about 20 mins and are best experienced with 3-4 other members of your team. You can schedule a demo here.

Can you help us to get the word out and manage registrations?

We definitely can! Once we confirm your booking we'll send you a blurb, a calendar invite and a link to pass along to get all of your invitees registered. It's all copy and paste and it makes getting the word out easy. If you'd like to manage the registrations yourself, on some other platform - that can work, too.

How long do Virtual Escape Rooms take?

The entire HELM Life Virtual Escape Room experience takes place on Zoom and fits into a calendar hour and takes less than 60 minutes from start to finish. Teams have up to 45 minutes to finish the Escape Room itself with some time at the start and end to welcome people and to discuss the puzzles!


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Here's how our customers engage with our programming:

HELM Life helps new hires meet people, build relationships and learn about Corporate Culture in an interactive and low-risk way.
Celebrations are important - particularly for geographically and culturally separate offices. Whether they're big milestones, end of quarters, baby showers or holidays.
There is lots of team learning to be done. In partnership with experts, HELM Life brings Diversity, Equity and Inclusion learning in a fun and reflective way.

Upcoming Learning Events

What does a Virtual Escape Room feel like? Like this!

Collaborative Puzzles are excellent for groups

HELM Life has hosted all kinds of fun and celebratory programming from Team Building Events to Holiday Parties - and we've got lots of happy customers.