Smart, Fun, Hosted Online Activities for Teams.

85% of teams who book a HELM Life activity become recurring customers.

HELM Life's activities are both compelling and fun.

Our deep understanding of upcoming events and important celebrations allows us to support our partners with both reflective and light-hearted events - and always interactive. We make it easy to learn and grow as a team.

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Introducing HELM Life Activities for Teams

We want HR, Administrators, Event Planners, Office Managers and Team Leaders to spend less time worrying about what their teams will do together. And spend more time bonding and team building together.

Here's how our customers engage with our programming:

HELM Life helps new hires meet people, build relationships and learn about Corporate Culture in an interactive and low-risk way.
Celebrations are important - particularly for geographically and culturally separate offices. Whether they're big milestones, end of quarters, baby showers or holidays.
There is lots of team learning to be done. In partnership with experts, HELM Life brings Diversity, Equity and Inclusion learning in a fun and reflective way.

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What does a Virtual Escape Room feel like? Like this!

Check the schedule.

HELM Life offers both pre-scheduled programming for families, as well as on-demand scheduling for teams, groups and events.

Collaborative Puzzles are excellent for groups

HELM Life has hosted all kinds of fun and celebratory programming from Team Building Events to Holiday Parties - and we've got lots of happy customers.