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The Leader in Virtual Childcare

It's near impossible to work from home with kids around. Our interactive, online activities keep kids entertained and learning with other kids and a host for 40-minute sessions so that parents can focus and have blocks of time.

HELM Life's Social Learning Platform keeps kids busy - and parents happy.

There are many ways that HELM Life can help to support parents working from home

Social Learning

Think of HELM Life like recess. It's social time, it's fun, it's supervised - it's an important part of any child's day.

Experienced Hosts

HELM Life's session hosts are fun and engaging leaders who know kids and are a lot of fun! They're also police-checked, reference-checked and have been online-safety trained.

Online Summer Camps

We may be in for a different summer than usual - but that doesn't mean it can't be fun! From Beat-Boxing to Draw with an Artist we've got big plans to keep kids busy and having fun..

Learning Content

For those whose ideal recess is a bit more academic we're running some great STEM Classes with our partner Stem Minds. We're always adding fresh new classes and ideas.

About Our Plans

Childcare Membership

    + The Leader in Virtual Childcare

    • Virtual Care is a great solution for parents Working from Home due to coronavirus
    • HELM Life's experienced hosts run interactive online activities
    • Several times a day
    • For kids ages 3.5+
    • In small groups, covering engaging and interesting content
    • Giving parents blocks of time to work

    + Elite Babysitting Memberships

    Give your employees access to our high-quality caregivers

    • Employees select and interview their own caregivers
    • From a roster of thousands of experienced, pre-interviewed caregivers
    • On our easy to use technology platform

Optional Add-ons

    + Virtual Childcare for WFH Parents

    • Access to two 40-minute online activities a day
    • In small groups, with kids ages 4+
    • So parents can have blocks of time to work
    • Because it's near-impossible to WFH with kids at home

    + Hours of Babysitting

    • Fund a pool of hours for your employees to access
    • Cover the cost when parents need to stay late or have work events

    + On-demand on-site care

    • PA Day care, for the 17 days a year school is closed, but work is open
    • Evening event-based corporate childcare to be more inclusive

Custom Plans are also available

Support at home pays off at work

Benefit plans that support families retain parent employees and are critical to company growth, diversity initiatives, company culture and morale.

All the research says so.

HELM Life and its sister company Datenight Babysitting have been working in the childcare space for years.

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