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Family Care - The Ultimate Family Benefit


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How can we help? Benefits help Companies look after their employees at home - so that they can bring with best selves to work.

Childcare Membership

    + Elite Babysitting Memberships

    Give your employees access to our high-quality caregivers

    • Employees select and interview their own caregivers
    • From a roster of thousands of experienced, pre-interviewed caregivers
    • On our easy to use technology platform

Optional Add-ons

    + Hours of Babysitting

    • Fund a pool of hours for your employees to access
    • Cover the cost when parents need to stay late or have work events

    + On-demand on-site care

    • PA Day care, for the 17 days a year school is closed, but work is open
    • Evening event-based corporate childcare to be more inclusive

Custom Plans are also available

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Cover the cost of childcare

So no one has to pay out of pocket

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Support at home pays off at work

Benefit plans that support families retain parent employees and are critical to company growth, diversity initiatives, company culture and morale.

All the research says so.

Types of Support

There are many ways that can help to support families in the workplace.

Babysitting at home

There are many reasons that parents might use in-home childcare. From an evening meeting or networking event, to get some breathing room during a busy work season. Whether the break is work related or not - balance at home translates to less stress at work - and pays off in dividends in mental health benefits.

On-site Childcare

Many companies host evening and weekend events as recruiting strategies, marketing opportunites or team building events. Whether it's a panel on AI, a hackathon or the Run for the Cure - providing childcare for your events, talks and company-wide activities allows them to be more inclusive, demonstrates your inclusive values and gives parents an opportunity to participate when they may not have been able to otherwise.

On-site PA Day coverage

There are 6+ PA days a year - and for each one, parents scramble and negotiate to figure out who will watch the kids. Offering an on-site childcare option allows parents to bring their kids to work and not waste mental space on finding a solution.

On-Site Summer Camps

Co-ordinating summer childcare is a time-consuming and expensive proposition for all families. Lend a hand and carry a little bit of the financial load, while encouraging family bonding by hosting a one-week on-site summer camp!

How to talk about Inclusive Corporate Benefits with your Team

There are lots of great reasons that companies would want to support their employees at home - here are some resources to help you communicate them to your team.

See FAQ, Resources and Assets and its sister company Datenight Babysitting have been working in the childcare space for years.

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